BlueWillet Solutions India Private Limited

Now-a-days companies run elaborate training programs to enhance development and testing skills of newly hired graduates. BlueWillet is a knowledge company with a focus to reduce IT companies' staffing cost significantly. BlueWillet takes care of their burden of hiring fresher graduates and training them, by providing them with highly skilled graduates who can be readily deployed into projects without any elaborate training. At BlueWillet, engineers are provided extensive skill enhancement related to foundation skills (programming languages, debugging tools, scripting languages, CMS, Testing, etc.), quality processes and soft skills. They will also do multiple development projects to sharpen the skills acquired through training. In simple terms, BlueWillet provides experience to engineering graduates. BlueWillet also provides various training courses to take care of all knowledge needs of IT companies. We have comprehensive list of courses across Technology, Quality, Soft skills and Management domains.


Eradicate unemployment.


We have a single objective to upgarde the Engineer, be it fresh out of college or experienced, to make them ready for Software industry challenges both on core technical and soft skills.


High quality training to enable graduates to master foundation and soft skills, and provide them the apt and adequate experience that is required for the job. They will perform all activities that an employee would do in a product / IT services company if he/she were assigned to a development or maintenance project from day one. After the training, these engineers will acquire knowledge and maturity level of a one year experienced professional and can be directly deployed into any development or maintenance project.


At Blue Willet we are committed to deliver excellence in everything we do. We strongly believe in the philosophy that every activity can be continuously improved by being open to feedback and with keen focus on minor details.

To Students: Make you job ready in all aspects (technology, soft skills and process) through high quality training by industry proven experts

To Companies: Provide High Quality staffing and knowledge solutions at optimized cost


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We respect openness and believe, in that respect, is the only way to gain the trust of every stakeholder in the business. All our policies and communication reflect honesty and pertinence with no hidden agenda

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Decide fast:

We know that timely decision making is the key for our business. While decisions can go wrong some times, we strive not to keep any decision pending that is required for business execution, business growth, customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction.

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One Team:

We are a single team- all equally motivated in the pursuit of our vision.

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Evolve fast:

We are adaptive and can take calculated risks. We recognize success and build on it aggressively. Failures, on the other hand, are considered as opportunities for learning and self-improvement. Active criticism is encouraged at all steps.

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Customer first:

Students and their parents, educational institutions, enterprises are all our customers. Our actions and decisions are always aimed to maximize customer value; we know business flourishes or dies with customers.

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Embrace Excellence:

We know the winning formula is simple and straight - to achieve excellence in everything that we do. We never compromise on the quality of our work; in fact, it is treated with utmost priority. We will not be satisfied till we get answer "NO" to the question "Is there any better way of doing this work".